About riverman

riverman Ltd was established by the managing partner Robert Heijlands end of 2015 and started its activities beginning of 2016. Robert Heijlands started his career in the passenger shipping industry in 1983 with the KD German Rhine Line. He worked on board as well as ashore with various shipping companies, both on the rivers as deep-sea and was co-founder, shareholder and COO of FleetPro, the major management company within the European river cruise industry between 2004 and 2015.

From now on Robert Heijlands offers his treasure trove of more than thirty years of experience and his profound expert know-how of the industry not only to the river cruise and travel industry, but also to other service companies. With the already managed shipping companies and held positions, riverman is present in the industry since beginning of its activities and has a sound infrastructure and an outstanding network, both in the field of partners and clients as well as with suppliers and within the employment market.

riverman lives a business culture based on values such as long-term partnership with clients, suppliers and staff members, solution-oriented thinking and acting, win-win-solutions and work with joy.